Temporary Staffing

We offer Temporary and contract basis candidates to enable businesses to adjust more quickly and easily to unexpected increase in workload. This helps skilled workers to provide their skills on a more flexible basis in addition to help clients gain access to talented candidates who want to improve their marketability. This is why we believe Temporary and Contracting is a key growth strategy to help maintain your company’s peak performance.

How to Hire from a Temp Staffing

Our careful screening and selection process means that we do all the work behind the scenes to guarantee your match with the very best temporary candidates. To hire contractors, simply follow these steps:

Call your consultant (or dial +971 56 236 3745) to brief in your requirement.

On the call, we will ask you how long the requirement is likely to be for, what the job description entails, where the temp will be working and how soon you need them to start. We’ll also ask you what the permanent salary equivalent is so that we can ascertain the right level of candidate and provide you with an approximate hourly rate you can
expect to pay.

Depending on how long the assignment is for and the start date, you may or may not want to see a shortlist of CVs. Depending on the complexity and urgency of the role, we endeavour to have a shortlist with you on the same day or within 24 hours.

If the temp assignment or contract is for a longer-term basis, you may wish to meet with them for an interview which we are happy to arrange. At this stage, we can also take references and carry out DBS checks.