Hospitality Recruitment

Malkoo is a pool of talented and knowledgeable candidates with extensive hospitality expertise and food and beverage operations experience.

A Chef or Cook is responsible for using their culinary expertise to create appetizing dishes for diners to enjoy. Their duties include overseeing kitchen staff, tasting dishes before going to customers and restocking food produce as needed.

Waiter / Waitress
Your guests deserve the best, therefore Malkoo provides Waiters/Waitress that are not only Hardworking but also pay high attention to detail and cleanliness. You can Hire experienced and reliable waiters and waitresses that serve and look after your guests, Today!

We are a leading provider of cleaning and maintenance personnel. We have been providing cleaners for all types of residential buildings, corporate offices, and events. As a market leader in the industry, our success is based on our unwavering commitment to our customers. We are committed to 100% satisfaction with our trained, experienced, dedicated, and professional staff.

Whether it’s a concert, a new business opening, a career fair, a sports competition, or any other event, Malkoo provides talented event promoters with marketing skills and community engagement strategies. Above all, our active promoters have the ability to come up with creative project ideas that they can complete with good interactions with other people.

We considers itself as one of the best bartending service providers. You can book within a second for any events, and be relaxed because you can trust us to take care of your event while carrying out smooth and seamless operations. Let’s get it all included, full bar setting, special beverage arrangements, liquor orders, ice, soft drinks, sweet water, and much more!

Cashiers are considered as the backbone of the entire event. They not only accept or collect payments but also greet, guide, and provide assistance to their guests. At the same time, a reliable cashier is critical to the financial success of the entire event which is why Malkoo provides skilled and trained Cashier staff delivering you the optimal staffing solution.

We live and breathe housekeeping, providing the best hospitality services. We are experienced in working with a variety of institutions delivering the optimal solution to your housekeeping needs. We work closely with our clients to ensure that our teams perform at a higher level than expected.

A chef can’t deliver quality and delicious food without the help of a commi as they play a vital role in the overall success of the culinary team and event. We provide well-presented commi’s for your events that also have an excellent attitude towards work!

A Barista is a professional who makes and serves beverages such as coffee, tea and specialty beverages. They are responsible for taking customer orders and payments. They also clean and sanitize their work areas, seating areas and equipment/tools.